27’, documentary

LUCA School of Arts,
DocNomads, Belgium

Graduation project of DocNomads international masters of documentary film directing, selected between 3 label films of the program year 2015.

'Can I be sure, I am not sleeping right now?'

Two people pass their night in the sleep laboratory in a clinic in Brussels.
They are taking a sleep test: eye movements, breathing, heart rate
– everything is transcoded into the diagrams helping to diagnose the sleeping disorder. Two patients trying to sleep and to get rid of sleep at the same time. She lost her friend and tries to find him back in her dreams, he was sent back to his country from which he escaped. Two different dream stories get united by a polysomnograph, the machine attaching their sleeping bodies to a hospital room. What does stay aside the sleep data? The hidden traces of dreams: theirs and somewhere becoming our own. Found footage and dream evocations suggest the representation of their memories and subconsciousness. Personal experiences of dreams are evoked in a poetic dialogue between reality and imaginary, the objective and the subjective.
'I am dreaming. What do I do next?'

Official competition of Lussas Film Festival États généraux du film documentaire